VANDENBELD dessert wine

In our winery we make several dessert wines like our white semi-sweet Bisous and our rich full-bodied sweet PINO in red and white. We explain you the difference between these two products. Bisous is made from grapes grown in our vineyard, during fermentation we stop this process while not all the sugar in our grapes has been fermented into alcohol.

PINO however is made from fresh grape juice mixed with pure alcohol made from wine(cognac). So, the sugar in that juice is not fermented into alcohol we adjust alcohol. We don’t grow the grapes for these wines ourselves as in our region we are not allowed to make PINO. In a cooperation with a winegrower in the Charentes we make our own blend in accordance with the winegrower.

Box discount
 57,00 per box of 6 bottles.  51,30 per box of 6 bottles.
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