HVE Certified

Almost all wine on shop.vandenbeld.fr are HVE certified under : Certificat HVE – N°HVE-4911.

What does HVE stand for

HVE stands for “Haute Valeur Environnementale” roughly translated to High Environmental Value.

What does it mean to be HVE certified

Being HVE certified means (in our case) that the wines are produced in a respectful manner towards nature. This means in our case that no herbicides and/or insecticides are used in our vineyard. It means we also have plenty of other things growing in and around our vineyard (trees, flowers etc.). In other words the wine is made with respect for nature.

Is HVE the same as Organic

No, HVE and organic are two separate things. Organic mainly only takes into account what happens outside (in the vineyard) and not inside. And a common misconception about organic is that no spraying is required. HVE takes into account the entire business both what happens outside (in the vineyard) and inside (in the winery).